Reeds by Holly

Return Policy

All reeds and cane are shipped via Priority post. To initiate a return, contact me at or phone (903)366-9021. Notify me you are returning the reeds. You must return the reeds in the original packaging to receive credit for the shipping to you. To receive a full refund for reeds and original shipping, return the reeds in their original packaging with a postage timestamp within 7 days of your receiving them, and I will happily refund the price of the merchandise plus outgoing shipping when I receive them.

I assume a transit period of 3 business days, that’s business days, adjusted for Sundays and federal holidays. Your card will be billed only when I am ready to mail them out. You will receive an email notifying you that your reeds are on the way. You should alert me if they do not arrive withing the average 3-(business)day window. IF you return them in the original packaging, within the 7-day approval period, you will receive credit for the original shipping, as well as the full price of the reeds.

The 7-day period protects you against losing money. It also protects me against leasing reeds! I will adhere to the 7-day window staunchly. If you mail them back on day 8, they are yours no matter where they are in transit!

Reeds are persnickety! They change–A LOT!–with varying humidities, barometric pressures, altitudes AND…there are as many ways to finish a reed as there are oboitsts. This means that my reeds are not going to be a good fit for everyone. I understand this; so, I assume the burden of assuring your satisfaction.

Thank you for trying my reeds. I do hope you like them. –Holly Bauschka