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  • Professional Oboe Reed

    This reed is at 90%-100% finished. It should play well right out of the box, without adjustments. It might play better with a single adjustment. This is the reed of choice for students and adults who need concert ready reeds. You can order it made with an RDG, Kunibert-Michel, or Nagamatsu shape. The tubes are natural cork, Glotin, Loree, or Loree AK, and made of straight cane that is 10.0-11mm in diameter, depending on the shape you choose. The gouge can be single or double radius, approximately 0.46-7 at the ears and + /- 0.59 in the center. The dropoff to the resonance windows is a little  more gradual than steep, about 0.54. Finished length is about 69mm and the sides of the blend begin at about 65mm. The blend angle is between 30 and 35 degrees from side to center. The tip opening is about 1.025mm at its widest point. The reed will crow C’s and respond at all volumes, taper notes, and play at A=440 for a player with similar physical characteristics as me and whose tone production process is similar to mine. See About the Reeds for an explanation of this disclaimer.
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    The Professional English Horn Reed

    This reed is 90% finished, which means it will play well right out of the box, and it may play even better with a single adjustment. It is tied on the Glotin brass tube, supported with a brass wire, and comes with some airline tubing already placed for optimal air seal at the bocal. It is made of straight cane of 11-11.5mm diameter and gouged approximately 0.70 in the center and 0.55 on the sides. The blank is 60 mm in length. Finished length is about 56mm and the blend is positioned at about 52mm. As the photo shows, there is still a little bit of extra cane on the sides of the blend and tip, in case you wish to adjust the resistance and tone color. English horn brass tubes are recyclable. Send your brass tubes back and I will rebuild your reed on that tube for a reduced price (see option below). Upgrade to Chudnow brass tube for an additional $10 per reed. Send this tube back to have your next reed rebuilt on it for the standard $22 per reed.